Sunday, June 16, 2013

Year gone start

Well hello there...........

Its me theweirdoking, attempting once again to write out what i say, do or feel.......blogging. harder than it look. I have the attention span of a gnat. No comment, lol. The usuallife happenings have gone on. But since my last post over a year ago, alot has changed. Currently on this sunday morning, i sit here on the bed at rachels grandmas house, in houston.....whoa, did i say a girls name. Yes, i did. Back in july of 2012, i met a truly amazing woman. And know amost a year later, weve moved in together, gotten engagaed and as of next week, we are moving back to her hometown of houston texas......thats right.....the armpit capitol of texas lol. I wont go into too much detail on our dating and reasoning on moving, just know its been a great ride so far. I also recently got a new job. Ive parted ways with MI and im now working for gaurdian ems. Loving it so far and its only getting better. Yesterday we signed papaerwork on our new apt in webster......a two bedroom.......yes ill finally have my man cave lol. This next week will be crazy. From still training on my new job which will transfer me to houston as well as finishing up packing to move on saturday 6/22. Moving to houston in my mind is really something im ready for. Im ready for a change of venue. While dallas is home, im just finding out that its not me....dont get me wrong, i could feel the same way about houston, but im thinking its for the better. Dont worry, ill still visit. Ill be closer to the beach, water and crappier baseball teams lol, which means cheaper tickets. Also while sitting here, writing this, usuing no grammer, i reflect on today......fathers day.......another day to me.......i wont rant much. To the father ive never met or known, i hope all is well.... to those that stood up and took his place, i simply say thank you in all you do. So that me and my life in a nutshell at this point. Ill try not to be so distant lol.

So until next time....

Yall stay hard, keep jammin, and will see ya....


Sunday, June 24, 2012

My life and where its at....current!

Takes a deep breath......


Lots of dust stirs but i as it settles. I see my blog still here. Its been ahile since my last post. And for my readers, all two if you, i figured i would post. I know, itll probably be alot to handle. Ill give u time. Go turn on your defibrilator and inject yourself with great medical drugs, that will pump the old ticker back into action...........................................................finished yet.................are u breathing.........get some water. U good? Lol. Ok, so... Here i sit writing and reflecting over this past year. Wow, june already. Just yesterday i was loading up a moving truck and leaving TN for TX. And that was sept. 30th of last year. Since then, the normal ups and downs have occured, which i wont bore u with. Like always...bad things happened. But the good stuff did too. I briefly lived with mom and decided i could inly take so much. Now im on my own. Much better. Although im lonely. There is someone. Shes amazing and perfect in every way. Out of respect, i wont say who but just know shes very real and very beautiful. And along with the lifes ups and downs. Our relationship has endured the same. She has helped me through the thick and thin. The pain. The pleasure. Definately the pleasure lol. And she made me realize and shown me things about myself, i didnt like, of things i didnt know, and things beyond the greatness that is inner beauty. Where ever life has me go, i hope i can share it with her and grow in our experience. Whoever said life after death (marriage) existed........was right. I got alot left in me. I hope my words today have entertained u. I hope to write more. But i cant make promises. Thanks for taking the time to read. And until the next post......

Yall stay hard. Keep jammin. And we'll see ya.......



Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Full circle

What's up everybody, and I bet your thinking, who is this stranger. It's me, the weirdo king, coming to u once again, after a long absence from the blogging world. A lot has happened since my last post. A divorce. Yes we finally finished seperation. It was for the better, I see this now. And the only other thing is that I traveled 828 miles and relocated back home to Texas. And I have to tell u, the transition at first was rough but, all is right with the world now. Since getting here, I have gotten a car ( a man ain't a man without wheels ) a job ( a man ain't a man without money ) and I couldnt be happy. Both holidays have come and gone and the end of the year and the fresh start of a new one are just beyond the horizon. God how this year flew by. But I'm ready for it to be over. What's in the past, is just that. Yes. They are memories that I will remember and were a big part of my life. But that chapter is over and its time to right the new pages of my life. More recently, I have found a very special person to add to my life. So far, its been a great addition, and I'm glad to have this person I'm my life. I'm falling for her more each day and she feels the same. February can't get here soon enough. But I'm not going into details. A gentlemen never tells. I want to take this time to tell her how special, she is to me. She means the world to me. I love her very much. I also want to thank my friends that have helped me along the way. Without Yall, in not sure where I would be today. Am I rambling? Sorry if I am. And if your reading this and tissues are being used, then I'm sorry. Wasn't my intentions. If you've just joined my blog, then welcome. I'm crazy and off the wall. And I use this platform as expression, as well as my other blog. I have posted links in earlier posts. Thanks to all who read and care and or post in support. I love u all.

So until next time.........

Yall stay hard, keep jammin, and we'll see ya!


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Where do i go from here.

Hello friends, its me, the weirdo king comin at ya, with a hard topic. Sorry i havent posted in a while. Blogging, to me, comes is spurts. Sometimes my mind is full and sometimes my mind wanders aimlessly, trying to search for things. i guess with the upcoming things, i hope to be writing more to express my feeling. Anyway, to the topic at hand. Last night, something that i had been trying to hold onto for so long, finally ended. Without going into details, my wife and I are filing papers for a divorce. We have been seperated for seven months now and over each passing month we were growing farther and farther apart. I love her very dearly and im in an emotional state that i just cant describe. so those that read this, u being my close friends. i cold really use the support. i might be down, but ill will rise again. my kingdom will flourish with lots of guidance and help. ill post as time progresses. im not gone just yet, so dont forget me.

Untill then, yall stay hard, keep jammin, and we'll see ya.


Monday, May 23, 2011

The weekend and all its glory.

Happy Monday once again, Its me, The loveable, ever sexy, talented Weirdoking, coming to you, in the form of a blog that has inspired my brain, once again to write it down, for all to share......Whew, that was a mouthful. Bare with me, sometimes I tend to do that, and since I've been out of school so long, the grammar and english studies, have left my memory banks and i tend to do that..(see, I'm doing it again... I'll stop.)

Well, its Monday. Again. lol. And if your reading this, and im writing this, then no doubt, the rapture that was gonna take place..... Didn't. Or if it did, then we are all thats left behind. Over the course of last friday into sunday, i watched the news. Detailing of the so called even that was to take place at 6pm on the 21st. I also learned that the guy, that predicted this, well, lets just say it wasnt his first rodeo, when predicting the last days of the world as we know it. My thought on this was... What made him so special and think this through. Did he have a chance encounter with the almighty or did he smoke some dope, slip and fell in a tub, while holding a blow dryer, woke up and know what, I think the world will end when i say it will. What a dumbass. But, We live in a country where freedom is pushed. Sad thing is.. this guy also had followers. People gave up everything for him. Jobs, families, friends, and probably who knows what else. I thought about him for just a brief moment at 6:01. Thats when everyone that followed him, were beating the over loving crap outta him. Lesson learned from this, I hope. Moving on, On Friday, when the coming fake rapture was getting all the attention. Something happened to a legend that should have gotten more that that did. The wrestling world, lost a true icon. Randy " The Macho Man " Savage, was killed in a car wreck after suffering a heart attack. I can remember watching him is matches and seeing him on commercials. He, in my opinion, was a legend, a true show stopper and great performer. You will be missed. Next and finally on my list of topics from this weekend, Yesterday on sunday afternoon.

Mother nature, again unleashed her fury, on another town. A masive tornado ripped through Joplin Missouri and devastated it and surrounding areas. At the time of me writing this post, 89 was the death toll and it was probably gonna climb in munbers. My heart and prayers go out to all those affected and those who lost someone. There are efforts being made to show some support. You can get to it here, if your willing or wanting too.

This weekend was sure full of surprises, upsets and turmoil. I wonder whats in store for the upcoming week. Stay tuned and thanks for reading and enjoying. Untill next time...

Ya'll stay hard, Keep jammin', and We'll see ya....


Friday, May 20, 2011

Is it really the end!

Happy Friday to all, its me, The Weirdoking, coming to you again, and for what could be the last time. No, Im not quitting my blog. But if the Rapture, As some nutjob, Displaying their rants and raving, on every media outlet known to man. They claim that the end of the world, is gonna happen on May 21st. If this is the case, then the time has come. But if this isnt the time, Im sure that come late Saturday night or early Sunday morning, that person will be having a really bad day. Unless, we are all proven wrong and it happens the next day to catch us all off balance, i know alot of people are partying into tonight and tomorrow. I bet right now, Prince is thinking, "Damn, if id only had written a rapture song to party and dance too", well you didnt. So today, R.E.M, is taking all the love and credit. For what its worth... if it does happen, then this will truly be my last blog. I have come to know and met some very interesting individuals. I love you all. But, im sure that ill be blogging on Monday, talking about what did and didnt happen. So folks, Enjoy what could be your last and its been a pleasure.

So until next time ( if there is a time)

Ya'll stay hard, Keep jammin', and we'll see ya.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Reflections of the past few days and 33 years.

Howdy Folks, Its me, the Weirdoking, coming to you once again, in rare blogging form. Its been a few since my last blog, so buckle up and lets get started. Since my last check-in, ive been in a election, had an erection ( or two or twenty thousand ), celebrated an birthday, had an all out bid war and won and obtained an injury. Of course along the way, during all this fun, i've managed to sleep and work a butt load of hours at work.

So first off, Last Thursday. The Fire Department, held the monthly business meeting and the yearly elections, that happened to fall on that night. For the past year, I have held the position of Vice President of the dept. , and head chairman of fundraising and finances. I have recently have taken an absense, so i havent responded to many calls. I didnt think i would get any positions or votes, but i was wrong and was re-elected to the same two positions. Also on a side note, im back to responding and doing what i do best.

On Sunday the 15th, I celebrated my 33rd birthday and trip around this planet, we call earth. Man, do i feel old. I know what yall are saying. Im not, but damn, i sure like it. It was a pretty relaxing day. I had a special Birthday lunch with Steph, at Wasabi's. Yum. Hibachi japan style. it was delicious. Didnt do a cak this year. Everyone was either busy or working, and it was all goo. I understood the situation. I started watching my all time favorite trilogy. STAR WARS! I am watching them in the order lucas labeled them....1-6. Its funny that something i love as a fan so much, got its start around my birth. Some of you reading this part, are now saying " damn. I was Eight when i saw the original movie, in the movie cineplex." I have always had a passion for the epic that Lucas has created and brought to us. Well, Later on that afternoon, of my Birthday, I went to play some softball with my wife and a few of our friends for a bit. This is where the injury part takes place. While i was Pitching to my wife, she hit a ball straight towards me. My instinct was to cover my nuts. I did. The Ball, Slammed into my upper thigh. Oh the agony. But i will live. Im bruised and i walk with a hobble, but at least the boys are intact and still working ( I think ).

Well in between that and last night, ive spent it mostly working and battling on Ebay. Well last night and into the wee morning of today, i finally won and have been wanting one of these for a while. A dvd Camcorder. To me its everything i wanted. ill use it for videos and ghost hunting and just recording and capturing, moment in time. I didnt want to buy it new and pay a fortune but with some birthday money from mom and lady luck on my side, i won it.

So here i sit now, at work, finishing up this post, with wednesday and thursday off. Probably gonna geocache and hike if the weather is nice. Ive got a fundraiser meeting thursday night. It should be interesting. Thanks again to those who have read this and continue to support me and read this. Im not the most entertaining at time, but i do try. So until next time.........

Ya'll stay hard, keep jammin' and we'll see ya.....